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Meet Your DJ

About Me:

DJ Willie D comes from a long line of performers. Growing up in Gallatin, TN afforded him opportunities to play with some of the best talent across the country. As a drummer, singer, songwriter and lighting and audio tech, he marries several crafts to bring you an experience that rivals any around. After taking his leave from the band gig industry in 2011, he’s reinvented his craft into what you see today. You simply won’t find a DJ around with the same level of experience in and around the industry. And with a true heart to serve, you can trust him to be there every step of the way.  Willie understands the heartbeat of any event he entertains and is always going the extra mile to make sure his clients and their guests feel welcome and at-home. You can consider him a vibe setter, with the talent to rock the party, but the emotional intelligence to understand where and when to lead it. 

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